Why Oscar 2020 is an important one

It was historic when “PARASITE” was nominated in the most important category of the Academy Awards but what was a huge achievement was actually winning the Best Motion Picture. It is the first time for a foreign film to win this title, subsequently winning Best Screenplay, Best Director and not least, Best Foreign Film. That signifies a major breakthrough for films that are non-English language and for creating space in the mind of global audiences for that small box at the bottom of the screen: the subtitles. The impact on the life of films and their journeys around the world, opening appetite for new cultures, languages and accommodating subtitles, was huge and it may change the way we watch films at scale forever. We wholeheartedly congratulate Bong Joon Ho and the outstanding cast, as well as crew for the wins.

We had our hearts broken watching “For Sama” only to have them put back together by the hope for change that this significant film brought into the world. The director-protagonist Waad Alkateab has continued her fight while wearing this elegant dress embroidering the Arabic words “We dared to dream and we will not regret dignity” on the red carpet.

Lastly, we couldn’t love Joaquin Phoenix more for the walk he walks. He legitimately uses these awards ceremonies as platforms to voice his values and the unbearable inequalities in the world. If he held the BAFTAs and the industry accountable for the systemic racism and the lack of diversity, his Oscar speech gave a voice to animals in suffering. Whether we are vegans or strive to make the planet a more sustainable habitat, it’s hard not to stop and reflect at his words.

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