Catherine Goldschmidt

We are kicking off our spotlight series with up-and-coming DoP and Big Couch member, Catherine Goldschmidt who, along with cinematographer Vanessa Whyte, launched earlier last month illuminatrix, a UK-based collective of female cinematographers.

A members’ group that promotes and supports professional female cinematographers based in the UK, but working internationally, illuminatrix acts as a database showcasing a huge variety of talent and providing access to those cinematographers. For women DoPs it is also a support network. Each member of illuminatrix has over five years of professional industry experience working as a Director of Photography and their work stretches across narrative, documentary and commercial genres.

As diversity in film is something we feel very strongly about, this is a project we truly resonate with, one of those initiatives that makes us cheer and clap with excitment. Check it out straight away and spread the word. Let’s all play our part in making the industry a more inclusive, fair and open place.

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