Hello film crew superstars!

You know that couch in sitcoms where the characters gather and chatter unabashedly about the absurdities of daily life? That emblematic piece of furniture that defined the sets of Friends, Seinfeld, Simpsons and many other cult series which seemed to magically make people open up and create a wondrous sense of friendship, community and family around it. Course you do.

That’s right, that’s exactly why we called ourselves Big Couch. Because the big couch is the heart of every home, is where people come together to connect, share and create things and that’s what we aim to be: a place for an ever-expanding family of film aficionados working tirelessly to energise the independent film industry.

Our weapon is crewfunding, a concept of film production based on shared economy principles, that has been successfully implemented for years and has brought beloved productions to life in the past. Think The Monty Python, Star Wars or Frances Ha.

We standardise and organise crewfunding, so that every filmmaker has the opportunity to see their dream production made by working with talented and driven crews willing to invest their skill and time into the project. In return, crews receive a transparent package of profit points and/or deferred payments, negotiated through unbiased contracts.

All this, so that more independent productions get made and more film crew superstars break into this fascinating industry.

Big Couch is the home of FilmChain and Crewfund. Supporting the films you love.

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