Germany becomes the second home for FilmChain, London’s first blockchain platform for collecting, allocating and analysing revenues for films.

London, 5 April 2019

Following up a productive Berlinale EFM Horizon edition where FilmChain co-designed and co-produced “Blockchain in Motion”, the UK-based collection platform has launched a partnership collaboration with The Association of German Film Producers (VDFP). Founded in 1966, the award-winning association represents over 110 active producers who worked with some of the world’s most critically acclaimed directors. Verena Gräfe-Höft of Junafilm, one of the Association’s members was the first to pilot her film production “Pelican Blood” on FilmChain.

Maria Tanjala, FilmChain co-founder: “We are beyond thrilled to officialise our long and fruitful collaboration with Germany and expand our business there. We were impressed with the appetite for innovation in Germany right from the start and we’re excited to cater to the needs of filmmakers here with an automated ground-breaking system.”

Financed by Innovate UK and with clients using the collection system end-to-end, FilmChain will now co-opt German producers in recouping revenues and gathering more data about their productions.

According to the VDFP, FilmChain “operates on the basis of blockchain technology, a transparent and automated revenue distribution of the new generation”. The medium-term goal for VDFP and FilmChain is to develop a standardised revenue distribution and reporting model tailored to the needs of VDFP members.

VDFP announcement:

The 2019 spring conference of VDFP in Leipzig (image: Joaquim Blobel)

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